Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Site!!!! Please Spread The Word

What's good everybody? Because the powers that be were cracking down on certain posts I was putting up, I made the switch over to Tumblr. I will continue bringing you good music, videos, photos. Please spread the word on the new site. Thank you all for your support these past couple years.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DJ Rasta Root- The Rest of Dilla Vol 1.

Four years ago today we lost a legend, James Yancey aka J Dilla. This week, we are celebrating his life. Continuing on w/ the Dilla festivities, Here's another dope mixtape from DJ Rasta Root. Full of remixes, rarities, and classic Dilla Joints, This will not disappoint. Peace




The Rest of Dilla Vol. 1

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

C. Pablo- For the Birds Mix

Here's a dope mix I came across via Scattered Aesthetics' blog who came across it via Bassick Society's blog. (If that makes any sense. haha) This mix definitely has a smooth vibe to it. Perfect for a rainy day like today. I especially like how the album cover is a picture from my hometown. Enjoy. Spread love and support their Blogs!!


Tracklist :

1. J. Rawls- Stand Down
2. Dwele- Eve (I Need You)
3. Illmind- Love You More
4. Freddie Joachim- Splendor
5. Illmind- Motown Blues
6. C.Pablo / Anonymous- Laws
7. Spinnerty- Feels Like Rain
8. Michael Jackson- We’ve Got A Good Thing Going
9. Mndsgn- Butterflies(Flybutter Remix)
10. Beat Maker Beat- N/A
11. Self Scientific- Love Bird (Khalil’s Theme)
12. Sa-Ra- The Bone Song
13. Shafiq Husayn- Lil’ Girl
14. Sa-Ra- My Star
15. Jaylib- The Heist (Inst.)
16. Viktor Vaughn- Let Me Watch
17. J. Rawls- Cao
18. J. Rawls- Heart Throb
19. Soil & Pimp Sessions- Funky Goldman
20. Elzhi ft. Dwele- Someone As Real As Her
21. Take- L.A.T
22. Muhsinah- One Again
23. Freddie Joachim- Awake
24. Kankick- Don’t Lock My Heart Away
25. Visioneers- It’s Simple

For The Birds

Monday, February 8, 2010

J Dilla- Turn It Up (DET2LA) Mixtape Mixed By DJ Haylow

It's officially J Dilla Week!!! Here's another dope J Dilla Mixtape done by my good friend DJ Haylow. As usual, he throws in some nice remixes and some rare Dilla joints you may not have heard before. Also, There are some audio clips from interviews D2S has done and a couple Dilla-inspired original beats. This is another must-have for any J Dilla fan.


1. Peanut Buter Wolf Speaks about Dilla (Exclusive D2S Interview)
2. "TURN IT UP!" Intro
3. Trade - Dilla, this one's for you
4. Black Thought - Love Movin'
5. Slum Village - What's Love Got to do With It
6. Slum Village - Look of Love
7. Slum Village - The Look of Love
8. Dwele - Keep On
9. Jamiroquai - Black Capricorn Day (Jay Dee Remix)
10. 9 Yards - Find a Way (Jay Dee Remix)
11. A Tribe Called Quest - That Sh*t
12. Steve Spacek - Eve (Remix)
13. Wale Oyejide - Theres A War Going On (feat. Jay Dee)
14. J. Dilla & Guilty Simpon - Baby
15. J. Dilla - Diamonds (Prod. by Notts)
16. Busta Rhymes - Show Me What You Got
17. Phat Kat - My Own Label
18. J. Dilla & Guilty Simpson - Strapped
19. Nottz & J. Dilla - Coke on Plastic (Prod. by Nottz)
20. PPP (Feat. Jay Dee) - Act Like You Know
21. Guilty Simpson - Clap Your Hands
22. Busta Rhymes w/ Mick Boogie - Step Up
23. Slum Village - Fat Cat Song
24. Consequence - Rock-n-Roll
25. Common - The Movement
26. Charisma - My World Premier (J. Dilla Remix)
27. Black Milk & J. Dilla - Stupid (Prod. by B.R. Gunna)
28. Jay Dee - Make 'em NV
29. Jaylib - Plain To See
30. J. Dilla - Do Ya Thang (Prod. by B.R. Gunna)
31. Four Tet w/ J. Dilla & Guilty Simpson - Serious As Your Life (Remix)
32. Common - The Light (the Hook)
33. Common feat. Erykah Badu - The Light (Remix)
34. J. Dilla and Trade - Won't Do (Remix)
35. Wonway Possibul - I Had a Dream
36. Donut World (Prod. by REL)
37. Madlib speaks on Dilla (Exclusive D2S Interview)

Turn It Up!!! DET2LA Mixtape

Sunday, February 7, 2010

James Yancey Productions- Mixed by DJ Haylow

Here's a dope Dilla mix my good homie DJ Haylow did 5 years ago. Haylow always comes w/ that heat. This is a must have for any Dilla fan. R.I.P. James Dewitt Yancey


1. Erykah Badu ~ Clever / Pharrell's "Cool" Intro
2. Hev D. f/ Q-Tip ~ Just Listen
3. Phife Dawg/Tribe Called Quest ~ His Name is Mutty Ranks
4. Busta Rhymes ~ Woo Haa (remixes)
5. Slum Village ~ Fall in Love
6. Slum Village ~ Fall in Love (remix)
7. Phat Kat ~ Destiny
8. Common ~ Nag Champa
9. Frank-n-Dank f/ Tammy Lucas ~ Ma Dukes
10. Slum Village ~ Get This Money
11. Que-D f/ Jay Dee ~ Supa Shit
12. Q-Tip ~ Things You Do
13. De La Soul ~ Stakes is High (remix)
14. De La Soul ~ Stakes is High
15. Phat Kat f/ J. Dilla & Black Milk ~ Door
16. J. Dilla ~ Reckless Driving
17. Frank-N-Dank ~ MCA
18. MadLib/JayLib ~ The Red
19. Slum Village ~ Look of Love
20. J. Dilla ~ F*ck The Police
21. Phat Kat ~ Don't Nobody Care About Us
22. Frank-N-Dank ~ Pimp Strut
22. J. Dilla ~ Crushin'
23. Cool Outro

James Yancey Productions- Mixed by DJ Haylow

Happy Birthday J-Dilla!! R.I.P.

Here's a photo montage of the late great Jay Dee the homies from D2S put together. J Dilla will always be one of my favorite producers of all time. I will be celebrating his life all week on this blog. Rest in peace James Dewitt Yancey February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blu and J*Davey- iFeel

Here's a smooth Blu/J*Davey collab that came out a while back. Both J*Davey and Blu come correct on this song. Enjoy



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DJ DReWBYRD- Show and Tell Mixtape

This is from a very good friend of mine. Drewbyrd has spent many days and many long nights making this mixtape to share for you guys. There are a lot of original beats mixed w/ popular hip-hop cuts. This mixtape showcases his talent as a DJ and a Producer. Such a rare combination to find in the realm of mixtapes. Enjoy folks!! spread love and tell everyone you know about this.

Here are a few words from Drewbyrd himself:

Friends and fam! I hope the first month of 2010 has been great for all of you. Its been a crazy, yet amazing one for myself! I am very excited for my current mixtape (a DJ mixtape... for those who only know me as a producer), Show and Tell (info and download below). With great responses already, I am truly pleased and proud. Its only right to share it with you all! Please feel free to blog, forward, re-post and blast to our friends/contacts; as it will help greatly.

Booking and contact:


DJ Drewbyrd- Show and Tell Mixtape!!!

or sensdspace: DJ Drewbyrd- Show and Tell Mixtape!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

John Legend- Motherless Child (live)

Here's a live performance of the famous song, "Motherless Child", from the Hope for Haiti telethon last week. John Legend actually recorded this song before he was signed on a live album he did at the Knitting Factory. In this version, Legend is accompanied by a a section of strings. Such a beautiful song and very appropriate for the Hope for Haiti Telethon. I've also attached the live version i mentioned above so that you can enjoy both renditions. Peace and love....

Motherless Child (Live at the Knitting Factory)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dom Kennedy- Menace Beach (Video)

Here's a fresh new video from Dom. Some dope imagery of LA going on here. Enjoy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dwele- That's The Way of The World (Earth, Wind and Fire Cover)

Here's Dwele covering the famous EWF song, "That's The Way of The World." I feel like Dwele does this song great justice. Enjoy.


Dwele- That's The Way of The World (Earth, Wind and Fire Cover)

Darondo- Didn't I

Darondo's another dude on that throwback sound. This Bay Area native has been around since the 70's and this song, "Didn't I", was re-released a few years back. Many compare Darondo to a mix between Al Green and Ronald Isley. If you liked Lee Fields, you'll mos def love this dude.




Darondo- Didn't I

Monday, January 18, 2010

DJ Haylow- Influence N Inspiration Mixtape

In honor of MLK day, I bring you a big dose of positive music via the homie DJ Haylow. For more dope music, peep his blog: . Spread love and pass this along. Peace!!


1. Fela Kuti - Music is a Weapon
2. Haylow - Can't Say Good-Bye (Inst)
3. Hi-Tek, J.Dilla, Nas, Common, And Marsha Ambrosius Of Floetry - Music For Life
4. Black Moon - Got'cha Open (Remix) (Inst)
5. Barry White - Playin' Your Game
6. Boot Camp Click Feat. Aaliyah - Nightriders
7. Lupe Fiasco Feat. Opal Staples - Glory
8. The Roots Feat. Mercedes Martinez - Clock with No Hands
9. Ethel Beatty - I Need Your Love
10. Erykah Badu - Back in the Day (Inst)
11. Beyond Rhythm - Face to Face
12. Bobby Womack - A Woman's Gotta Have It
13. The Escorts - I Can't Stand to See You Cry
14. Jay-Z & J.Dilla - Don't Cry, Song (Haylow's Mash-Up)
15. Ozomatli Feat. Common - Embrace the Chaos
16. Roy Ayers - 2000 Black
17. Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not be Televised
18. Yusef Latif - Hellbound (Speech by César Chávez)
19. Cal Tjader & Charlie Byrd - Black Narcissus (Speech by Lutrelle Palmer)
20. Bobbi Humphrey - Black & Blues (Speech by Fred Hampron Sr.)
21. MadLib - Stepping into Tommorrow
22. M-1 - Food, Clothes, and Shelter (Speech by Malcolm X)
23. Curtis Mayfield - The Makings of You
24. Nas & 9th Wonder - I Can (Haylow's Mashup)
25. Common Feat. Consequence & John Legend - They Say
26. Ahmad Jamal - Ghetto Child
27. Earth, Wind, & Fire w/ Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess
28. Akrobatic - Remind My Soul (Speech by Bob Marley)
29. Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip - Hold the Torch
30. Mos Def - (excerpt from) Modern Marvel
31. Marvin Gaye - (excerpt from) What's Goin' On

DJ Haylow- Influence N Inspiration

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Clipse- I'm Good rmx ft. Rick Ross

Such a dope song. Pharrell still can put out bangin beats and the Clipse can still....... rap about cocaine and money. hahaha. For some reason I don't get tired of their style. It works for them I guess. Enjoy this video folks. And Ricky Ross, please put on a shirt. Those wife beater shots of you are not crackin. UPDATE: Check the bottom for the MP3.

I'm Good

Lee Fields and The Expressions- Ladies

Here's a new cat with a throwback sound. Lee Fields and the Expressions are like a breath of fresh air in the music world. I'm really diggin these cats right here. If you like them too, i recommend pickin up their album, Titled "My World". It will definitely bring some joy to you and your music collection.

Peace and love.


Friday, December 25, 2009

D'angelo- Voodoo Outtakes

Here's a lil' gem i came across of outtakes from D'angelo's famous Voodoo album. A lot of tracks are him just messin around on the keyboard. A few others are covers of popular soul cuts. I especially like his rendition of Gangstar's "ex girl to the next girl." Enjoy and share. peace!


1. Everybody loves the sunshine
2. Fair but so uncool
3. Go back 2 the thing
3. Inst. #1
4. Joe Texan
5. Marvine
6. Spanish Joint (Acoustic)
7. Africa (Acoustic)
8. If you got funk, you got style
9. Pete Rock beat
10. Superman Lover
11. Ex to the next
12. Chaos
13. Hard to earn


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Talib Kweli- Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole and Mos Def

Talib Kweli is linking up with Hi-Tek again to make another Reflection Eternal. Based off of this song, the album is gonna be on some vintage Hi-Tek. Enjoy your holidays folks!!!


Talib Kweli- Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole and Mos Def

Sunday, December 20, 2009

George Benson- The Other Side of Abbey Road

It's been a really long time since i posted some jazz on my blog. I feel like I am long overdue. "The Other Side of Abbey Road" is a jazz album of all famous Beatle songs. Benson (lead guitar) definitely givers the already popular songs a smooth feel to them. This is definitely a must-have for the true jazz lover. Enjoy and please share. peace!


George Benson- The Other Side of Abbey Road

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

J. Cole- The Come Up Mixtape

Here's more heat from the young and talented, J. Cole. "The Come Up" precedes the highly acclaimed "Warmup" mixtape. If you liked "The Warmup" you'll definitely dig this one. Peace and blessings. Do me a favor, spread the word on this right here. I feel like not enough cats know about this talented dude.



The Comeup